Classical Dance Ball - Sat. 11 March @ 12 Noon

Maestro Magnus Brody presents music for a Classical Dance Ball at the beautiful Citadel Gardens in Ville de Coeur on Saturday, 11th of March at 12 Noon. Expect to hear music for tangos, waltzes, and other classic ballroom dances.

Attire for this event is 18th/19th century gowns/tuxes, but modern day formal attire is acceptable.

Event Date-Time

Tigresse Art Gallery Grand Opening

Tigresse Art is a gallery featuring static and dymanic scupltures and art by various artists. The gallery is holding a grand opening this Sunday beginning at 12 noon. Dance at the adjacent La Place des Lumieres with music by DJ D'Andra and DJ Leadfoot. Great music and fascinating art!

Event Date-Time

Peace Service

You are invited to stop by and enjoy our Peace Service. Our service is a available 24/7 at the Ville de Coeur Peace Chapel. Each week our service features music, celebration, inspiration, meditation and self-discovery. 

We wish you peace _/\_

PeaceMinister & Raj Spiritweaver