Ville de Coeur Fox Hunt

Ville de Coeur is sponsoring a fox hunt for Saturday, 27 August - Noon SLT. This is an ethical fox hunt where the fox attempts to evade the hunters. The fox will not be harmed in any way other than having to replace his/her tail a number of times! We will begin practicing 2 weeks prior to the event (around the 13th of August).

Event Date-Time

WEEK 1: 21-Day Meditation Experience: Getting Unstuck - Creating a Limitless Life

The Summer of 2016 21-Day Meditation Experience has begun: Getting Unstuck: Creating a Limitless Life!

We would be honored if you choose to join us as we seek our true nature and discover our path to health and happiness. You will discover your soul’s purpose and create a life in which all things are within reach.

You can experience the 21-Day Meditation Experience for free when you register online at:

Sunday Peace Services Resume on 17 July 2016 at 8 a.m. SLT

Greetings dear friends ... Honor and Respect to You!

The Summer of 2016 provides us with many opportunities to come together in peace.  

Our Sunday Peace Services shall be formatted in a new way, which will be inclusive of guided meditation within the Peace Chapel and then step out to enjoy the beautiful summer sunshine to enjoy a peace topic at the Bistro (just across the street).  

Each week we will share insightful information and dialog from the Summer of Peace recorded peace teachings.

ZZ Top Coming to Hospice in Bourgogne 23 July

Rebel Yell Concerts presents a "ZZ Top" tribute performance at the Hospice de Bourgogne, 23rd of July at 1 pm SLT!  Inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2004, this band has sold over 50 million records. Their musical style ranges from blues inspired rock to new wave, punk rock, and dance rock with heavy use of synthesizers.

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Tour of Spain

Lashay 'Xyshay Elite Modeling Agency presents "Tour of Spain" with Live Vocalist Bella ThaBody featuring DJ Tre Ciroc, hosted by Fireeyezz Cortes - Wednesday June 29th 6 pm SLT at Citadel Gardens

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