Those fortunate enough to have traveled to Quebec City in North America or Florence, Venice, Budapest, Prague, Vienna, Aix en Provence, Avignon, Bath, York, and countless other European cities, have found beautiful worlds with centuries old buildings, beautiful gardens, and a wide range of art galleries and eclectic shops.  This is the type of world that you will find at the Ville de Coeur in Second Life®!

Ville de Coeur is a virtual international expatriate community. People from around the world have found that France and the French way of life in small villages and the countryside is ideal for spending your golden years. Many of us may never actually retire in France, but we are doing what we can to bring folks together to experience what it might be like!

Four villages, residential countryside, and two beach areas make up the Ville de Coeur sim.  There are numerous music venues, shops, and residences in the villages.  

Ville de Coeur - Central Village Rooftops

Ville d'Aquitaine has many art galleries clustered on the east side of the village along the main road.  The Ville de Coeur product line, featuring furniture used in some of the homes, is located at the southeast corner of the village.

The west side of Ville d'Aquitaine has a marina with some boats you may use (green sailboats or blue cuddle sailboats).  Rowboats are also sometimes present there that may be used in all 7 regions.  The church is public and anyone may use it.  South of the marina is the beautiful Citadel Gardens where formal dances occur most weeks on the top level and exhibitions are occasionally held in the area below the gardens.

Ville de Coeur - Harbor

Just west of the marina is the Coeur d'Azur region, which is our version of the Cote d'Azur in southern France.  A promenade with art galleries, fishing village, and a beach with places to lay, play volleyball, or jetski around the bay.

Ville de Coeur - Coeur d'Azur Fishing Village

For those that enjoy a house in the country, there are two regions north of Ville d'Aquitaine that have small cottages to stately homes, many in a natural landscaped area near a lake and waterways.  Horse-drawn carriages service all homes in this area and can be used to ride to nearly any location.

Ville de Coeur - Countryside

Coeur de Bourgogne is just east of the two countryside regions.  It features some of the highlights of Burgundy in France, including vineyards, a winery, houseboats, a cottage built into a silo, a public chapel, a large venue inspired by the Hospice in Beaune, and a small village containing numerous homes, walled market area, restaurant, and of course a wine shop.  Chateauneuf-en-Auxois in Bourgogne, France provided the inspiration for this charming village.

Ville de Coeur - Bourgogne village

Green roundtop mountains are located just north of Coeur de Bourgogne.  This is the region of Franche-Comté and represents the land between Bourgogne and Alsace.  The high hills have several private residence chalets and buildings on the northern edge are mostly half-timber.  A small regional airport and the main headquarters of the Ville de Coeur Gendarmerie are located on the eastern edge. The canal, and several roads continue on through the region.

The newest region in Ville de Coeur is Coeur d'Alsace. The majority of this region is Ville de Colmar, inspired by the city of Colmar, France. Here you will find some of the highlights of the historic district, including Petite Venise, Place de l'Ancienne Douane, and Rue des Marchands. Even many of the RL street names are used. If you know the area well, be aware that traffic flow on Grand Rue and Rue Saint Jean is the opposite of RL Colmar because Ville de Coeur uses pre-Napoleonic traffic rules.

Be sure to explore shopping, activities, and events, to see if perhaps this is the kind of community you would like to make part of Second Life!