Aquitaine Coeur NordMap of Aquitaine Coeur Nord

The most complex region in Ville de Coeur is the Central Village, referred to on the map as Aquitaine Coeur Nord. Aquitaine is a region of southwestern France.

Aquitaine Coeur Nord has a very long history of development. It was originally the location of a castle for nobility and joined to an even larger castle by a road passing through a village with expensive shops for nobility. In the valley was another road with shops for the common people. The large castle and the village was built over an intricate series of caverns. A major storm with severe flooding inundated the caverns resulting in the collapse of the castle. The caverns under the village were fortunately protected by the castle from severe flooding. Afterwards, a seawall was built to protect the caverns and the village.

Castle during StormThe noble castle at the peak of Aquitaine Coeur Nord was torn down shortly after the devastating storm. In its place is a typical Parisian style home from the 18th century. This is a private home with a central courtyard, built in stables and a carriage house, large kitchen, rooms for multiple servants, large dining area/small ballroom, multiple bedrooms, and a terrace with a panoramic view of the north side of the house.

Just below the large house are four townhouses. Each has three floors and either a balcony or a terrace. All four have a wonderful view of the village below or the harbor and beach areas on the west side.

Continuing down the hill, there is a gate with a number of shops clustered at the intersection. To the right, there is an outdoor pavilion and area called "La Place des Lumieres". This is one of the primary entertainment areas.