Satellite photo of Coeur d'AzurCoeur d'Azur

Coeur d'Azur represents the Cote d'Azur in southern France. Many areas in the Cote d'Azur are now built up with large hotels lining a highway with large villas in the mountains. Coeur d'Azur retains the feel of a small quiet area of the beach with a small fishing village and a few villas overlooking this tranquil scene. This is one of the most photographed areas of Ville de Coeur.

The beach area of Coeur d'Azur has a platform called Le Coeur Gentil.  At the center of the platform is a large glass floor where you may watch the fish swim as you dance. This venue is typically used by DJs during the summer and as the beach pub for swimmers. There are often one or two parrots here that tend to repeat what people say at the most inconvenient times.

Just beyond the platform is a romantic outlook.This has a great view of the harbor, but cannot be easily seen from the beach.

The beach itself has single and double beach towels. You may wish to use only the single towels if you are alone unless you don't mind waking to someone spreading suntan lotion on your back.

Just in front of the towels are rocks that are great for singles or romantic couples. These are appropriate for a mature area, but you may be surprised if you are sitting on the rocks as a single and someone wants to sit on them too! Look for the swimming, diving, and other animations.

View of the Coeur d'Azur beach and fishing villageAlong the promenade, you will find several shops and galleries. MaMia is a wonderful furniture shop. Penelope's café is a great place to sit and watch the people on the beach. Check out the back room for some seasonal art. Adjacent to the café is the amazing gallery "Atelier Lalague" by Miky Oyen. There is also the jewelry shop "La Beaumonde" and a dress/gown shop "Sasha's Designs".

Behind the promenade are numerous small cottages comprising a village at the base of the mountain. These homes are small but have an outstanding view of the beach area from balconies or terraces.

Above the village are three villas. The one at the southern end is called Villa Shenandoah and has balconies and terraces and a built-in infinity pool. Moving north, but lower on the mountain is Villa Cannes, with a stunning view of the beach and the village beyond. The most northern villa has a pool and a balcony overlooking the fishing village and harbor.

Coeur d'Azur remains temperate throughout the year, so except for road on the north side, you can expect little to no frost, making this region ideal for year-round living!