Coeur de Bourgogne

Satellite photo of Coeur de BourgogneUsually known as "Burgundy" to most non-French, this region is famous for its vineyards and fine wines. Coeur de Bourgogne has rolling hills and some icons of this area in France, including a representation of one of the most beautiful villages in Burgundy. This region is spotted with colorful roofs. This Flemish tile roof may be found on the hospice, which was inspired by the Hospice de Beaune now used for wine auctions.

As you approach Coeur de Bourgogne along the north road, you will find a number of moderate size homes with gardens in front. The second cottage on the right and the garden was inspired by a cottage located behind the Chatillon en Bazois Chateau next to the canal.

Continuing east, you will encounter an intersection. To the right is a farmhouse with a silo and old wall enclosing a small courtyard. Behind the farmhouse is a white houseboat. If you instead turn left, you will eventually end up at the Hospice de Bourgogne. The building contains two main sections. On the left is a hospital ward with a kitchen one one side, and a chapel on the other. The right section of the building is usually set up for a wine auction, though it is often reconfigured for various indoor events.

Ice Pond in Bourgogne

Just to the south of the hospice is a pond that is used for ice skating in the winter and fishing in the summer. Large platforms are placed over the pond for special large outdoor concerts.

Autumn in Bourgogne

Passing this intersection will take you through a grove of trees and over a bridge. On the other side is a stable on the right with a pub called the "Thirsty Horse". Country and Western music is typically played here. Horses may be stabled and horse riding events often begin here following the horse trail that continues to the west.

The left side of the intersection leads to a medieval church that was inspired by the one located in Chateauneuf-en-Auxois.

As you walk south along the road, you will enter the center of a picturesque village. This village is inspired by Chateauneuf-en-Auxois and includes some of the same buildings. For example, the building on your left is a hotel in the actual village. Here, this is a private residence, and it even has an indoor swimming pool!

At the intersection turn left and you will find Castle Courtyard at the end of the lane.  Here, this is used as a marketplace and occasionally as a performance venue. Exit the courtyard and approach the center of the village.

Looking West through the village in Coeur de Bourgogne

You'll pass the doctor's office on the left, a private residence, and then the village hotel. Feel free to wander through and perhaps even sit for breakfast!

Upon exiting, you'll find a gallery on your immediate right, and a courtyard on the other side of the street. Here you will find a restaurant, wine shop, a photo studio, and a fine gallery. Continuing up the road, you will pass a number of other residences. At the next intersection, turn around and you see why Chateauneuf-en-Auxois is considered one of the most beautiful villages in France!

Looking East through the Ville de Bourgogne

At this point, you may continue east past a number of other private homes or take the small lane to the north. This will take you past a private winery and back to the stable. From here, you may walk west along the horse trail that will lead past another houseboat, through the vineyards, and eventually back to Normandie Coeur.

View of the Winery and Houseboat looking east from the Equestrian Trail