Normandie CoeurMap of Normandie Coeur

Normandie Coeur is known as "Normandy" to most English speakers. 

In the Ville de Coeur, Normandie Coeur is a land of rolling hills, a small beach area, and waterways. There is a small hamlet and numerous cottages, several built as "half-timber". There is a waterway that runs through this area, fed by waters from Poitou Coeur. The northern most waterway has a canal lock used to raise and lower boats between the two regions. This lock is manually operated, though the resident at the lockhouse may be willing to assist.

Just to the south of the lock is a waterfalls. Part of the water is diverted to a watermill, and then joining with the waters from the lock and eventually continuing to Coeur de Bourgogne. There is a chapel just past the only bridge in Normandie Coeur. This is a private chapel, although the owner generously allows anyone to use it.

There is a small beach on the south side of Normandie Coeur that may be used as a place to relax. There is a horse trail that runs just north of the beach.