Poitou CoeurMap of Poitou Coeur

Poitou Coeur is the oldest region in the Ville de Coeur. It was originally developed as the home to the fictional character "Angelique: Marquise de Angels" in the romance novel by Anne Golon. It was later relocated and was used as the feed for the canals in the entire Ville de Coeur. Today, there are two canal locks that join to the canals in Poitou Coeur, and a waterfall from a mountain top feeds a lake that supplies water to these locks.

The lake has an island that is used for spirtitual and group activities. During the winter, skaters and power sleds race around the island. A small cottage sits along side one of the canals fed by the lake.

Outside of the lake are three large houses. These are private homes and should normally be admired, but avoided. Security is usually active in all four homes on the region.

The canal lock located on the southeast canal is designed to automatically move boats from the central village in Aquitaine Coeur Nord to Poitou Coeur, but it does not work in the opposite direction. Boats raised to Poitou are gradually swept around to the southwest canal, which then sends the boats down river rapids on the west side of the central village and into the bay. Rowers may manually row the boat beneath the bridge on the northeast side along the canal to access the second canal lock. This lock will provide access to Normandie Coeur and Coeur de Bourgogne.

There is a towpath that follows the southeast canal to the falls and beyond to the opening of the southwest canal. Normally, this is not necessary because the current flows around the north side of the island from east to west.

Poitou Coeur has part of the equestrian path that originates in Coeur de Bourgogne at the Thirsty Horse, crosses through Normandie Coeur on the south side where it enters Poitou Coeur. The path then crosses the south road and continues north, briefly using the east bridge, then immediately continues after the bridge, crossing the north road and reentering Normandie Coeur.