There are two stables in the Ville de Coeur, located in the eastern side of Coeur de Bourgogne and on the Ville de Coeur Equestrian Platform. Both stables have stalls for your horse, and the ground stable also has a horse rezzer. These allow an Ville de Coeur group member to rez a free horse that can be used to ride in all five regions as long as you remain on the horse.

If you don't have a horse but would like to ride one, locate the rezzer that appears as a wagon wheel with a saddle sitting between two posts. Use the arrow keys to select from four horse options. Once you see the horse you want, right-click on the saddle and select "Ride!". You will be seated on the saddle and the rezzer will give you a horse.

Right-click on the horse in your inventory (Recent Items -> Objects), and click Add. At this point, you will be wearing the horse. Wait 5 seconds for the horse to initialize.

Move the mouse over you or the saddle until the cursor becomes a hand, then click. At this point, you may explore! By default, the horse speed is set to Walk. This is a good speed for learning to steer the horse. Use the arrow keys for this purpose. You may increase your speed by stopping the horse (stop touching the arrow keys), and click Page Up. This will increase your speed to a Canter. You may also click Page Up again for a Gallop. If you click yet another time, your horse will have wings. You can fly, but this is obviously not realistic so we won't discuss that. You can click the horse for Help, which will provide instructions on how to do these things.

If for some reason you get off your horse or have to restart, the horse will automatically be detached. You may detach the horse by right clicking and selecting "Detach", or by clicking <Stand>. To add the horse again, you will need to return to the stable. The horse remains in your inventory, but wearing it without using the saddle won't provide the desired effect.

You may ride on any of the roads or horse trails. There is a trail from the Bourgogne stable that winds through the vineyard, then across the road and down to a small beach. From here, it continues through some woods to Poitou. Continuing north from here, you will cross the road and after a short distance, come out to another road. From here, cross the bridge and bear right to pick up the path again. Follow this across the northern road and follow the shoreline. You will have to walk through some water or across ice (depending on the season). Eventually, you will come back out to the road in Bourgogne. Turn left and follow the main road and cross the large bridge. The stable is on the other side.

Please contact Ayla or Bedrich if you are interested in purchasing a horse. Residents may rez their horse and the horse will remain when you get off. This provides a much more realistic experience.