There are many things to do throughout the Ville de Coeur. You're sure to find something that you want to try with your friends.

The 7Seas Fishing Game is available in most areas of the Ville de Coeur. You can fish off a dock in the central village or a bumper boat in Azur. Drop your line off a bridge in Normandie or row out on the pond in Bourgogne or the lake in Poitou. Nearly everywhere you find water, you will most likely find a fish or something that was dumped. Yes, you can help keep our waterways clean!

There is an automobile available at G&D Motors that you may drive throughout Ville de Coeur. It is a challenge at first, but try driving to Alsace and then over to Azur.  You should feel much more comfortable after this trip through the country, and you will be ready to try driving through the villages. Also, try the enourmous number of options! You can even adjust your speed and steering sensitivity, lights, color, etc.

Visit the hotel in Bourgogne and get in shape! Avoid the breakfast buffet and head straight to the Fitness Center. You will find a treadmill, stationary bike, weightlifting, a yoga mat, exercise mat, pull up bar, stair stepping exercise, punching bag, massage table, and more. For accessories, click on the item you need and it will appear in your inventory.  Be sure to ADD it, not wear it...  Wearing something may have unpleasant side effects.  ;)

Sometimes, you just want to lay down and relax...  Well maybe you look like you are relaxing, but instead you sort your inventory, IM your friends, or just set SL in the background while you listen to great music!  The beach at the Coeur d'Azur is a perfect place.  You may also meet a new friend!

Explore the Ville de Coeur at a slower pace, or perhaps with a splash of romance!  Bicycles are available in the village for all to use to explore the sim.  These bikes allow you to ride at your own pace you can even have someone close ride with you!  Find an out of the way spot and take some photos with the two of you standing in various poses by the bike.  Great for a romantic date by the lake or along the promenade on the beach!

There are two stables in the Ville de Coeur, located in the eastern side of Coeur de Bourgogne and on the Ville de Coeur Equestrian Platform. Both stables have stalls for your horse, and the ground stable also has a horse rezzer. These allow an Ville de Coeur group member to rez a free horse that can be used to ride in all five regions as long as you remain on the horse.

If you enjoy high speed adventure, try the jet-ski located on the beach near the rocks.  It's really a lot of fun if you have someone riding another jet-ski!  You can go around to the north side of the Coeur d'Azur.  If you are really up for a challenge, try taking the jet-ski to the east side of the village to the boat docks (you can ride along the south side of the village).  The border crossing may cause you to panic, but just don't try to over-compensate for what you see (same as the Vespa).

Very cool, and very scary!  These motor bikes are very similar to the Vespa bikes you would find in Rome or Paris.  Steering is a little touchy, so you should use a feather touch when steering.  Anyone can use these bikes.  They are available near the Coeur d'Azur by clicking on the motorbike you see in front of the Ydea shop near the marina or in front of Sascha's Designs on the promenade in the Coeur d'Azur.  There may be brief hesitation when first rezzing the bike, but don't give up!  You may have a rider on the bike.  Use the arrows to control steering and to go/stop.

The carriages are the primary means of transportation in the village. The horses know how to get to any of over 75 locations from any other location, including most shops, residences, romantic locations, performance venues, activity centers, and other places of interest.

Ville de Coeur represents real life in villages and the countryside. The seasons change every few months. The lighting changes throughout the day, and of course you can modify this in your viewer. There are often people gathered at venues for performances, or at a café with a drink. There are animals playing and couples romancing. All of this gives you numerous opportunities to capture an image that perhaps no one else will see.

One very enjoyable way to discover the Ville de Coeur is by taking a walk along a guided path. There is a tour available that goes through all seven regions. You won't see everything, but you will get a good feel for most areas and you can always look around or stop the walk and explore more yourself. Perhaps a better way would be to remember (landmark) the locations you would like to explore further and come back after the tour.

Watch especially for areas the tour passes:

There are usually row boats located in season at:
Activities -> Ride Boat -> VillageDock
Only these rowboats will work. Boats owned by residents will not work in the locks.

The dock has a sign that will give you oars for each hand. Add these from your inventory. (You can Wear, but this sometimes removes another piece of your clothing, such as rings or other jewelry).