Coeur d'Alsace Race Course Map

Ville de Colmar, located in Coeur d'Alsace will be holding bike races through the village on the 10th of September from 12 noon to 2 pm. DJ Chaos will be emcee and provide tunes for this event.  Originally intended for bicycles, but we have heard from a few that it is possible (though challenging) to race motorbikes along the narrow streets with sharp turns and numerous curves. The race will remain on a single region.  We may hold a cross-country race sometime in the future, but many residents cannot cross borders without crashing.

If you are a resident, you may use your own bike. Anyone can use a wearable bike or one of the village bikes. The village bikes are located near the carousel. They are entirely usable for the race, but you will need to "flutter" your keys to turn smoothly. If you practice, you will do well against others with these bikes (but not against a 10 speed bike). Each race will be in groups to keep similar types of bikes together.

Try the course to become familiar with it.  Begin at the fountain in L'Ancienne Douane (the old Customs House). From there, follow the path marked on the map.  You will return to the fountain. During the actual race, you will make five laps in your group, each time passing through the Place de l'Ancienne Douane.

We strongly recommend that you practice the course. It is not particularly easy at high speeds. The curbs and closely set buildings will almost certainly toss you about unless you time your turns just right. Don't give up just because someone has pulled way ahead of you. It doesn't take much to make a mistake and be thrown into the canal or down the wrong street. Getting back on course takes time that you can use to catch up.

We hope to see you there on Sunday!

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