Ville de Coeur Community

Ville de Coeur is intended to be a community sim as opposed to a place with houses and shops. We invite people to work and play together as they would in a real life community. This can be as simple as getting to know your neighbors, attending events, driving around in a carriage or your own car, riding a horse, spending time at the beach, hanging out at a café, etc. Or you could take another step and join a community role play group.

Ville de Coeur itself is not a role play sim. No one is required to participate in any role play as a resident, merchant, or visitor. Your home or business is off limits unless you specifically give permission to be involved (and disable your security). However, there are a number of role play sub-communities that each have their own theme and occasionally work with other role play sub-communities that give life to the overall sim. The administrators of Ville de Coeur support this activity as long as it doesn't interfere with those that do not wish to participate.

These are the most active role-playing groups in Ville de Coeur:

  • Gendarmerie Nationale - police
  • Sapeurs-pompiers - firefighters
  • Equestrian - horses