Interfaith Peace Service

♥ Spiritual Rather than Religious ♥ 

Sunday Peace Service: Accept Yourself: The Ultimate Act of Loving Kindness
8 a.m. SLT
Chapel at Ville de Coeur - Harbor Square,  
Aquitaine Coeur Nord (63, 84, 27)

For the convenience of all the services are delivered in voice, nearby chat and the complete service is available at:

Our Sunday services are dedicated to learn to practice peace one step at a time, one choice at a time, one day at a time. Through our daily peaceful choices and actions, the noble and courageous spirit within each of us expresses itself as the skills, wisdom and character of a peaceful sentient being. This is how we each, in our own way, move the world in a direction of peace.

Opening Video:

27-Apr-2016 08:00 am