Chateau Adeline was destroyed by fire on Sunday, 22rd May, 2016

Chateau Adeline in Poitou Coeur was destroyed by fire on Sunday, 22nd May, 2016 in what was speculated to be under suspicious circumstances. The Confederate States Fire Department responded, albiet after the fire was raging out of control, but they were able to successfully contain the fire to prevent it from spreading to other homes in the region. The fire is under investigation, and more details will be provided as they become available.




After further Investigatation of Chez Adeline by the Fire departments Chief Kyle Forrester who is also trained in detecting Arson we were able to find out that an accelarent was used.  Finding large amounts of accelarent around the outside area of the house, around the doors and windows it was determined this fire was set at the hands of another.  Upon further inspection some bones were found in the rubble.  The Coroner has been contacted for autopsy. 


The case is on going Please read here to stay up to date on further changes. 

Please be advised that Ville de Coeur is also under a weather advisory.  With the lack of rain these Fires are spreading fast please make sure all open flames are controlled and if anything gets out of hand call our fire department Immediately.