Interfaith Peace Service

Greetings dear friends ... Honor and Respect to You!

The Summer of 2016 provides us with many opportunities to come together in peace.  

Our Sunday Peace Services shall be formatted in a new way, which will be inclusive of guided meditation within the Peace Chapel and then step out to enjoy the beautiful summer sunshine to enjoy a peace topic at the Bistro (just across the street).  

Each week we will share insightful information and dialog from the Summer of Peace recorded peace teachings.

NEXT Sunday, 17 July at 8 a.m. SLT we shall review some of the topics that came up at the Global Compassion Summit. The Global Compassion Summit will be taking place online July 13-14 in RL. To attend at no charge please use this URL:

It is my hope that your interest has been piqued and perhaps you will choose to join us.

Sending you love and light,
PeaceMinister.Spiritweaver and Raj Spiritweaver

P.S. Information regarding the 21-Day Meditation Experience shall be sent in a separate notice. 

17-Jul-2016 08:00 am