Interfaith Peace Service

♥ Spiritual Rather than Religious ♥ 

This Sunday's Interfaith Peace Service Theme: "The Power of Vulnerability"

8 a.m. SLT
Chapel at Ville de Coeur - Harbor Square,  
Aquitaine Coeur Nord (63, 84, 27) 

For the convenience of all the services are delivered in voice, nearby chat 
Our Sunday services are dedicated to learn to practice peace one step at a time, one choice at a time, one day at a time. Through our daily peaceful choices and actions, the noble and courageous spirit within each of us expresses itself as the skills, wisdom and character of a peaceful sentient being. This is how we each, in our own way, move the world in a direction of peace.

Opening Video (Peaceful, Creative Focus Music)

Order of Service:


Lighting the Peace Candle

Peace Prayer 

Greet Your Neighbor - Namaste 


Peace Theme: "The Power of Vulnerability" 

The Video will be played on the multimedia player in the chapel or you may watch it from the comfort of your own computer screen:

NOTE: Video is approximately 21 minutes. (Interactive Transcript available)
or  (YouTube - Close Caption)

****Once you have finished watching the video please join us at the Bistro (just outside the chapel) where we can have a discussion about what we saw, heard and experienced in the video over coffee and a light brunch :-)


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