Interfaith Peace Service

You are invited to join us for music, prayer, mediation and reflextion 24/7 at the Ville de Coeur's Peace Chapel.

This week's guest speaker is Dr Michael Mirad, a World-Renown Spiritual Teacher, Healer and Author. Michael has worked as a healer and counselor for over 30 years and is the author of the best-selling books, 

  • The Seven Initiations on the Spiritual Path
  • You're Not Going Crazy ... You're Just Waking Up!
  • An Introduction to Tantra and Sacred Sexuality, 
  • Healing the Heart & Soul
  • Creating Fulfilling Relationships, and
  • The Heart of a Course in Miracles

Stop by the Peace Chapel on a cozy snowy day and enjoy our service.

27-Nov-2016 11:00 am