Art Expo of the American West Event - 7-8 October 2017

The expo will feature the works of Jules Tavernier, Christian Rossi, and Jonny D.

Jules Tavernier (27 April 1844 - 18 May 1889) was a French painter, illustrator, and an important member of Hawaii’s Volcano School. He studied with the French painter, Félix Joseph Barrias (1822-1907, but left France in the 1870s, never to return). Tavernier was employed as an illustrator by Harper's Magazine, which sent him, along with Paul Frenzeny, on a year-long coast-to-coast sketching tour in 1873. Eventually, he continued westward to Hawaii, where he made a name for himself as a landscape painter. He was fascinated by Hawaii’s erupting volcanoes-a subject that was to pre-occupy him for the rest of his life, which was spent in Hawaii, Canada and the western United States. Tavernier died on 18 May 1889 in Honolulu, Hawaii. You will find some of his works at the expo—a rare opportunity to come and see his great art.

Christian Rossi was born in St. Denis on 31 December 1953, where he developed a passion for comics together with his neighbor, the future comics writer Marc Malès. He studied Photography and Visual Expression at the École Estienne in Paris, while learning the comics profession from Joseph Gillain (Jijé) and publishing his first comics pages in Formule 1 in 1973. He went to work as a storyboard artist for advertisements after fulfilling his military service. He returned to comics after meeting Didier Convard, who introduced him to the owners of the publishing house Twin Cam in 1977. He became a prolific comic writer, and although he was influenced by cartoonists Giraud and Jijé early in his career, he eventually developed a personal style of his own. He is specialized in drawing westerns and historical comics that are often filled with occult elements. GTL is proud to have on display 8 of his works. You don’t want to miss them!

Jonny D has been busy capturing SL western photography all around the grid. Noteworthy in his work is his ability to seize rare moments of nature and bucolic scenery that capture the senses. His subjects, colors, and landscape mixed with the spirit of the old frontier come into full view in his images. You definitely do not want to miss the opportunity to see his creative representations of the rural west.
The expo will cover a week beginning 7 October and run through 13 October near the domaine Daze. Western hats, garden items, and decorative horses and wall longhorns will also be available for purchase. The kickoff will occur the 7th and 8th October from 12-2 pm SL time. The awesome DJ Chaos will spin some awesome tunes for your enjoyment. Mark your calendars! Don’t miss this event! Here is the address: 􀀀

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