Explore the Ville de Coeur at a slower pace, or perhaps with a splash of romance!  Bicycles are available in the village for all to use to explore the sim.  These bikes allow you to ride at your own pace you can even have someone close ride with you!  Find an out of the way spot and take some photos with the two of you standing in various poses by the bike.  Great for a romantic date by the lake or along the promenade on the beach!

At the bicycle stand, touch to rez a bike.  Then the driver should right click on the SEAT and chose "Ride".  In the case of male/female couples, the driver is preferably male, but of course you don't have to do it that way.  The passenger then clicks on the bicycle and chooses "Ride".  Use the arrows to move.  Page Up to jump.  If you get stuck, release the keys for a few seconds and move again.  Touch the bicycle for the menu of pose and riding animation options.   Cudd-lay and Cudd-Stand are for poses when you are stopped and on a flat surface.