Very cool, and very scary!  These motor bikes are very similar to the Vespa bikes you would find in Rome or Paris.  Steering is a little touchy, so you should use a feather touch when steering.  Anyone can use these bikes.  They are available near the Coeur d'Azur by clicking on the motorbike you see in front of the Ydea shop near the marina or in front of Sascha's Designs on the promenade in the Coeur d'Azur.  There may be brief hesitation when first rezzing the bike, but don't give up!  You may have a rider on the bike.  Use the arrows to control steering and to go/stop.  Use the PageUp/PageDown keys to change gears. 

When approaching region crossings, you may find yourself spinning out of control.  Back off on the accelerator and wait a second until your view stabilizes.  It isn't doing what you see, and trying to correct it will actually cause you to lose control.