The carriages are the primary means of transportation in the village. The horses know how to get to any of over 75 locations from any other location, including most shops, residences, romantic locations, performance venues, activity centers, and other places of interest.

Call a Carriage SignA carriage is usually standing at the south end of the Lumierés venue. They may also be called to any location that has a "Call a Carriage" sign, including many store locations. If the horse is not already there, click to call the carriage and wait for it to arrive, usually within about 30 seconds (look for it coming down the road).

To use the carriage, right click on the carriage or horse and select "SitHere". Once seated, touch the horse for a menu of location options. The menu has store listings, and also homes that are available for rent. Occupied residences are also listed, but you may wish to avoid these unless you know the person living at that location because some homes have private driveways with security systems.

The public carriages can usually carry two to four passengers. Village residents have a choice of carriages that include different horses, colors, seating options, and open/closed carriages. We can also provide special event carriages and wagons.