One very enjoyable way to discover the Ville de Coeur is by taking a walk along a guided path. There is a tour available that goes through all seven regions. You won't see everything, but you will get a good feel for most areas and you can always look around or stop the walk and explore more yourself. Perhaps a better way would be to remember (landmark) the locations you would like to explore further and come back after the tour.

Watch especially for areas the tour passes:

  • the dock at the bottom of the stairs in the central village
  • the hill at the intersection at Ayla's @ Coeur and the Cave a Vin in particular
  • the base of the stairs at the boat dock on the canal
  • the island in Poitou
  • the horse trail at the northeast corner of Poitou
  • the bridge in Normandie
  • the road in Bourgogne leading to the hospice
  • the church on the left after the bridge in Bourgogne
  • the stable and the equestiran path on the right after the bridge in Bourgogne
  • the road leading off on the right after the stable and house (though don't go too close to the house)
  • the lane leading back to the marketplace in the village in Bourgogne
  • the courtyard after the hotel in Bourgogne
  • the lane on the left side near the top of the mountain in Azur (but not too close to the house at the end!)
  • the lane on the right side on the back side of the mountain in Azur
  • the path leading up through the fishing village in Azur

Be advised that a single loop around the Ville de Coeur takes well over 90 minutes! You don't need to walk as a couple. If you walk alone, you'll just have your pet "ball" walking at your side.  ;)