Seven regions comprise the Ville de Coeur:

  • Aquitaine Coeur Nord
  • Coeur d'Azur
  • Coeur de Bourgogne
  • Normandie Coeur
  • Poitou Coeur
  • Coeur Internationale
  • Coeur d'Alsace

Map of the Ville de Coeur

The positions of these regions do not correspond with their real life counterparts due to the way the environment evolved.  For the same reason, Poitou and Normandie have different terrains.  However, the viilage in Aquitaine Coeur Nord is similar to some in Aquitaine, Coeur d'Azur has several key characteristics of the Cote d'Azur, and the village and hospice in Burgundy are quite similar to what one might find in Bourgogne. Coeur Internationale is a connecting region with mountains. The village in Coeur d'Alsace is based on parts of Colmar, France.