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The three villages in the Ville de Coeur are home to over 25 shops, with art, clothing, farm supplies, home accessories, and more! Find classic paintings from the great masters, or computer generated art. You can purchase the finest lingerie or an elegant gown.

Browse through the streets, or climb aboard a horse drawn carriage and travel to the shops that meet your criteria. The horses are surprisingly knowledgeable about the shops!

Garden products and various scenes for presentations.

This art gallery focuses on the art of the Coté d'Azur.  Located in the Coeur d'Azur region of the Ville de Coeur, you will find paintings of the local area as well as landscapes and images of life in southern France.  Art by Miky Oyen.

Ayla @ Coeur - was meant to be a garden center- plants, trees, flowers, pottery- but as it stands it has spun slightly out of control and meanwhile the store is selling furniture, paintings, antiques, crockeries, food and drinks, rugs, flowers of course and what just springs to Ayla's mind.

This shop features various styles of wedding gowns made for both classic and mesh avatars, including Eve, Slink, Maitreya, and Belleza.  

This shop features intimate apparel for women.  You will also find inexpensive swim suits.

This is a furniture shop that contains various stylish modern furniture suites by Ayla.  These collections are used in the Bellevue Townhouses in the village.

Bring a splash of spring into your home with colorfully designed home accessories from Bo-pee Studio! You'll find chairs, pillows, lamps, wall decorations, tables, and much more at this boutique in the heart of the village in Aquitaine.

In the heart of the village in Bourgogne is a Boulangerie, featuring some of the tastiest desserts and of course baquettes! Be sure to check the available products, and don't forget to pay (tip the cash register) on the way out!

This bistro located is adjacent to "La Place des Lumieres".  Stop in for a drink or purchase items you might expect to find at a bistro.

Café Espresso is a nice gathering spot just outside the Newcomer Welcome area.  Enjoy a delicious dessert on the patio overlooking the harbor area.  Some desserts and winter drinks are available at the counter inside.

This delightful art gallery, disguised as a café, contains art and various exhibits by Miky Oyen.  For early summer 2015 you will find a Cannes Photo Exhibition and "Fun at Coeur d'Azur beach - Vintage Style".  This gallery sometimes contains nudes, always presented in an artistic manner.

Caravane Sandrine features luxury carpets and cushions specializing in Persian and Turkish designs.

Jewelery and Accessories

This shop specializes in fine antiques and vintage items.

This shop has an amazing collection of vehicles, including many types of cars, motorbikes, boats, and trucks. This shop has a motorbike and a car that you may rez to drive anywhere in the sim.  (Only residents are permitted to rez purchased items in Ville de Coeur).

This unique gallery features images from some of the artist's and her partner's favorite regions in SL from a romantic perspective.  If you find something you like, links are often provided to take you right there!

This amazing shop features the works of Toulouse Lautrec. The gallerie also sponsors monthly exhibits at Villa Shennandoah.

Formal and semi-formal outfits for men. There are reasonably priced items here that fill in the gap between dressing down and tuxedos. Perfect for those "smart casual" events!

Men and women clothes, Casual, Costume, Formal, Tuxedeo, Gown, Boots, Historic, Victorian, Baroque, Barok Shoes - Quality Classic Vintage Clothing, Reasonable Prices

Hoorenbeek creates quality clothing and accessories for men.  You willl find elegant tuxes, business and casual outfits, as well as everyday clothes and jeans (downstairs).  The outfits come complete with everything you need, including accessories, underwear, belts, and shoes.

Kuumba Gallery features original art by Hadiya Draper and unique home decor. items.  Hadiya works in different genres from landscapes to character portraits. Stop in and browse, All artwork and decor items are for sale.

Historic home accessories and fashions.

Beertje Beaumont has been creating fine jewelry since the early days of the Ville de Coeur, at which time she had a boutique along the canal in Languedoc Coeur.  She has been an artist for far longer, and the detailed jewelry at her current shop at the Coeur d'Azur shows the care that she puts into each piece.  The boutique contains jewelry for men and women.

Couture & Lingerie - Daring dresses and outfits for a night out and in with that someone special!

Latiwa's Finery Boutique has a variety of decor items for all occasions and seasons, for your home or your shop.

The style is danish, with focus on natural materials, raw or refined. Our environment is considered in reusing old, worn out items in new connections.

Many of the flowers, gardens, and small animals that roam the Ville de Coeur are products of "Le Jardin Francais". Ayla is the co-owner of the sim and spends much of her time creating products that make the sim a natural beauty!

Lin is an oil painter in RL. This shop features images of her original works available for sale. Peruse the gallery and be sure to check out the upstairs gallery as well.

As an artist, I am involved in different genre's as well as different mediums. 

I use traditional mediums: oil, acrylic, watercolor, pastel, colored pencil, pen and ink, and graphite. I also do digital painting. All of my work is real life work.

My goal is always to strive for the highest in excellence, and to achieve mastery. Another goal involves problem solving, as each composition presents a visual conundrum to be thought out, and brought into realization. 

My work seems to have reoccurring themes of the "big questions" in life, and the deep contrasts that exist in the nature of the human spirit, as well as a love of beauty, and the celebration of life. 

Please check out my website!

Miky has several galleries located in the Ville de Coeur regions. This one features classic art and furniture from the renaissance and baroque eras.  

This shop contains everything you need to create exotic surroundings in your own home, including outfits from India, Africa, and more!  We are rapidly expanding this shop to contain furniture and home accessories. Stop by regularly because there is much to explore including caverns and waterways! 

Mo's original art work is on display in this gallery

This is a gallery of tastefully presented nudes and suggestive art by N8Dream.

Neon Art gallery features erotic art.

Candace Ducatillon captures images in SL and RL in ways many of us take in passing.  Rather than looking at the scene, she often details what makes up that scene.  See the world in an entirely new light at the Realms gallery in the Ville de Coeur!

Ballroom gowns, cocktail dresses, accessories (hats, stola's, facial decorations) and classy casual wear. 
Winner - Avi Choice Awards for Favorite Women's Formal Apparel 2011 & 2012. Nominated 2013 & 2014

Quality Pre-Built Homes, Furniture & Decore

This shop features abstract art by the shop owner, using the butterfly as the primary subject.

This shop contains home accessories featuring pets.  Creative Designs by Ayla.

Pottery with beautiful complex textures that you will not find anywhere else! Stop by for your free gift!

Silas Merlin is a pastel artist, and you will fine his work here in his gallery, along with his sculptures.

The actual food products in this shop are largely for decoration.  However, the most of the flowers in and around the shop are available for sale!  Creative designs by Ayla.

This is a men's shop featuring reasonably priced outfits.   From jeans and shirts to suits, you'll find a wide range of clothes to fit most activities!